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Aluminum roofing is a great and practical way to give your terraces even more functionality and originality. Stable aluminum structures provide reliable protection against changing weather in different seasons. Aluminum roofing terraces are elegant, durable and do not require any additional care. „WSG projects“ offers aluminum stonecutters „Standart“ and „Extra Stabil“, made from high-quality sealed aluminum profiles. Roofng can be as desired size, height and width. They include an integrated waterway and a drainage pipe. The sides of the roofing can be closed and this way the roofing is converted to the veranda. The structure can be fixed both to the existing terrace pavement and to the ground. When choosing the color of the roof profiles, you can adjust it to the color of the walls of the building, the roof, window frames or other elements (for non-standard colors, an additional charge applies). Products are powder-coated, according to the special technology of aluminum painting, and only in certified factories. For roofing (filler) we use tempered or tempered laminated glass


Aluminum terrace roofing „Standart“:

  • Joist – 1 chamber
  • Front profile (water collecting duct) – 1 chamber
  • Maximum roof slope length up to – 4.5m*
  • Maximum distance between front roof supports – up to 7m*


Aliuminio terasos stoginė “Extra stabil”:

  • Joist – 3 chambers with additional stiff edges
  • Front profile (water collecting duct) – 3 chambers, wall thickness 3 mm
  • Maximum roof slope length up to – 7 m *
  • Maximum distance between front roof supports – up to 7m *

*there are additional conditions!

Roof covering (filler)

The roof cover can be chosen from two types: safe tempered glass or tempered-laminated glass (in the event of an impact, the glass does not dupe, the film between the glass retains its integrity).

Glass-colored aluminum terraced roofs

Profile coloring and colors

Standard aluminum structures are brown (RAL 8019), anthracite-gray (7016) and white (9016). You can also choose any color from the RAL palette, for adjusting the terrace roof to the walls of the building, the roof covering, window frames or other elements of the color (for non-standard colors – an additional fee applies). Products are powder-coated, special aluminum-based painting technology and only in certified factories. You will be able to choose dyeing from two types: standard (smooth coloring) and structural (fine-grained structure).

Closure of the sides

If you want a more closed, less windy or more spacious space, we suggest closing one, two or all sides of the roof. You can choose stationary or sliding segments from frameless or frame (aluminum profiles) with tempered glass.