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Delivery to your address accross Europe

How long will I need to wait for the goods? The goods are packed and prepared for shipment within 24 hours. After making goods, delivery in Europe takes up to 1.5 weeks. Most often the goods reach customers within 1 week.

Delivery place
For your convenience, we can send the goods to your address. If the package is not large (eg 1 palette up to 500 kg.), We usually use our transport or partner transport for delivery of small consignments. For larger parcels, we use the services of international logistics companies, which deliver the parcels to your specified address or terminals located closest to your designated place.

Satisfied customer is our priority, so we look at packaging as responsibly as any other part of the production process. For packaging, depending on the product, we use wooden pallets, cardboard and other tight and durable materials. We always make photos of products before packing and already packed.

Shipping cost
The delivery price is determined and charged to the customer prior to ordering the goods. Each time the delivery price differs due to the difference in weight, length, width and delivery position of the packages.

Production terms
PVC, aluminum and wooden windows are made from 3 to 5 weeks.
Standard colored aluminum roofs – from 2 to 3 weeks.
Frameless glass structures – from 2 to 4 weeks.
When you order a product, the manager will inform you about the specific production time.

All our products have warranty. For each product, the warranty period is different – windows are granted for 3 years, window fittings – 5 year warranty. Contact your sales manager for the warranty period for each particular product.
Delivery of the cargo and the risks associated with its transportation are 100% our responsibility.
After receiving the goods, check that there is no visible damage and make photos of the parcel. If you notice any damage, damaged packaging or any other external damage, inform us immediately.
For noticed violations after the delivered cargo contact within 24 hours. Contact us and we will find the most appropriate solution for you.

Our main goal is happy customers. Regular customers who regularly buy our goods can settle on after delivery.
New customers ordering for the first time, pay 50% of the amount before ordering, and the remaining amount after the goods are manufactured before they leave at the address you specified.

Thank you for choosing us!